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It all started with a simple token game

It has always been hard to explain ideas about token inflation to coworkers. Leading up to the ConsenSys company retreat, Niran turned those ideas into a set of rules for a token game to play in person. No ERC20 contracts: just poker chips, instructions, and a “validator” to act as the game master.

The mission of our Retreat Token game was to make the retreat great. Anything that made the retreat experience better for our fellow ConsenSys members was fair game. Each individual could choose whether to pursue donating the most value for the cause, doing the most work for the cause, or even making the most money by trading tokens. But the best way for any player to achieve their goals was to get more people to join the game, so their work would make the retreat great too.

The goal of this experiment wasn’t to see whether we could pool people’s donations to fund good things — that happens all the time. We wanted to see if the players themselves could sustain incentives to cooperate, so their initial payments couldn’t be part of the game.

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“One player described it not as a game she played, but as something that happened to her — as if a novel incentive system got its hooks into the familiar reward machinery in our brains, but used it in a way that felt pleasantly foreign.”

Niran Babalola

Founder of Panvala

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