Join Panvala

Panvala is run by our grantees and people like you. When you hold PAN tokens, you get to influence Panvala's grants each quarter.

Step 1: Get Tokens
In order to influence Panvala's grants each quarter, you need to have PAN tokens.
Step 2: Stake Tokens
Panvala's communities earn a matching budget based on the donations they raise, but their matching is constrained by the community's share of the staked tokens. To increase the amount of donations that your community can match, stake more PAN tokens in your community's staking cluster.
Step 3: Join the Caucus
Want to be even more involved? Join the Panvala Caucus! The Caucus is Panvala’s version of Ethereum’s Core Devs: we make recommendations that Panvala can accept or reject. We need all the help we can get from active PAN holders to help Panvala achieve its mission.

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