Help fund the work that the Ethereum community depends on.

Countless projects and people depend upon the Ethereum blockchain for their success. Contributing to Panvala rewards the teams who solve those problems.

Supporting teams that scale and make Ethereum safer

The Sigma Prime and Prysmatic Labs teams received a Panvala grant for their work on implementing the Ethereum 2.0 specification. Their work is indispensable for making Ethereum scale to serve its role as the hub of the decentralized world.

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Panvala's Patrons support Ethereum

Simon de la Rouviere

Joseph Chow

Liraz Siri

Darius Przydzial

Jesse Grushack

Ryan Gittleson

Andy Morales

John Packel

Andrew Keys

Momo Araki

Christian Lundkvist

William Warren

Nathan Chen

Charles Crain

Petr Ko

Justin Maier

Christopher Brown

Oscar Presidente

Cristian Espinoza

Chris Smith

Rakhee Singh

Thomas Spofford

Marcus Hearne

Bach Adylbekov

Daniel Bar

Sean Coughlin

Artem Payvin

Carolyn Reckhow

Hal Feewet

David Hoffman

Scott Trowbridge

Guillermo Salazar

Suyi Kim

Christian Lewis

Christopher Igbojekwe

Roman Pavlovskyi

Yutaro Mori

Robert Lee Mudgett

Everton Fraga

Alex Napheys

Yele Bademosi

Teck Chia

Chris Storaker

Camila Russo

Christopher Eley

Sky Minert

Justin Leroux

Daniela Osorio

Vinay Gupta

Barry Gitarts

Batuhan Dasgin

Derrick Duncan

Kristoffer Josefsson

Vivek Singh

Alice Henshaw

Masanori Uno

Megan Cress

Daniel Kochis

Sergej Kunz

Mahmoud Salem

Sneb Koul

Madhur Kumar Sharma

Will Price

Nemil Dalal

Andrew Gold

Daniel Que

Veronica Zheng

Abraham Sanchez

Harold Hyatt

Elisha Koh

Matt Lockyer

Siddharth Verma

Libby Kent

Gonçalo Sá

Jacob Cantele

Keith Tom

Alexander Fischer

Abel Tedros

Juan Blanco

Olumide Akinwande

Virag Mody

Thessy Mehrain

William Gleim

Shawn Harmsen

Sander Lacerda

Dhruvang Patel

Jonathan Pitchfork

Rachid Moulakhnif

Tas Dienes

Kevin Spiers

Bass Bauman

Mason Fischer

Russell Verbeeten

Muhammad Zaheer

Dean Pierce

Dominik Muhs

Sarah Mills

Maggie Love

Freddy Zwanger

Daniel Onggunhao

Christian Neuhaus


Viacheslav Kulish

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6 million

In Token Grants

Patron Tiers

Becoming a Panvala Patron helps sustain the work the Ethereum ecosystem depends on. When you become a patron, your name will be added to the growing list of patrons on Everyone who does their part to fulfill the Ethereum vision should be recognized for it.

Advisor Patrons

Looking to give a bit more? Advisor Patrons make large contributions and gain more respect within the Panvala community. Grant reviewers reach out to Advisor Patrons to give them a direct way to make their voice heard.

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