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Panvala is a DAO that helps fund the work that the whole Ethereum community depends on. Panvala is run by our grantees and people like you.

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The Ethereum community succeeds together

Countless projects and people depend upon the Ethereum blockchain for their success. Contributing to Panvala rewards the teams who solve problems like security and scalability.

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Panvala’s token holders vote on what work should be funded. They work hard to build donors’ confidence that their donations will benefit from crowd-sourced, incentivized wisdom.

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Respect among blockchain innovators

Panvala donors receive recognition everywhere the Panvala community gathers. In our community, it’s not the loudest voices that are respected—it’s the people and companies that contribute to Panvala.

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Our supporters care about the future of Ethereum

“I'm donating to Panvala because new socially driven organisations could be the key to avoiding a tragedy of the commons for maintaining public networks like Ethereum.”

Simon de la Rouviere

Token Engineering Pioneer

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ConsenSys is the home of the Panvala Launch Team. ConsenSys is a global blockchain technology company building the infrastructure, applications, and practices that enable a decentralized world.

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