Powering communities

Panvala is a network of communities who cooperate and earn perks from Panvala's shared endowment. Panvala is run by our communities and people like you.

The Panvala League

The Panvala League's communities stake PAN tokens to earn donation matching from Panvala's quarterly inflation. Your community can join them! Today we have 59 communities—we're aiming for thousands.

Elevate Community Life

Panvala's treasury is a new kind of community-managed endowment—like a university endowment. PAN tokens are designed to build this endowment from scratch: the more we share Panvala's treasury, the stronger it gets. By giving communities an economic tool that rivals corporate equity and national currencies, we can shift our society's focus away from corporate life and political life. Let's focus on community life instead.

Today's society systematically rewards the people who make prosperity scarce. Together, let's be the light that produces abundance for our communities.

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Panvala was launched by ConsenSys. ConsenSys is a global blockchain technology company building the infrastructure, applications, and practices that enable a decentralized world.

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